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Strategic Logo & Brand Identity Design Solutions

Made with research, discovery, analysis and understanding the core of the problem that is to be solved. Followed by finding a unique design solution that will make a change and be of use. 

Mihai Dolganiuc

Born in 1989, raised in Chishinau, Moldova where he currently resides. Has worked as a Graphic Designer since 2013, went Freelancing in 2016 and never looked back.

Loves roadtrips, hiking, woodoworking, biking and cars.

Is driven by the desire to create and share knowledge with others while trying to learn and become a better person.


10. Loves the Mountain side, finds inner peace there

09. Loves helping people and to pass on knowledge

08. Not really into the seaside and sunbathing

07. Loves biking, swimming and reading

06. Used to practice Body-Building

05. Has a Strong Sense of Humour

04. Is not a big fan of Mushrooms

03. Weapon of choice—Sarcasm

02. Is a Engineering Graduate

01. Has copywriting skills